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Teeth Whitening FAQ

Here are some of the common questions regarding whitening.  Hopefully you will have a better understanding about whitening.
1. How safe is the procedure?
Whitening is very safe.  It doesn’t damage your gum or your teeth.

2. Is the procedure painful?

Whitening procedure tends to have some postop discomfort.  Usually  teeth are sensitive to cold or hot, but it is temporary.  Some patients take some OTC pain medications to deal with the discomfort.  If your teeth are already very sensitive, it is better to wait until you are feeling normal again before whitening.


3. How fast is the procedure

We advocate nighttime wear of customized trays, for 2 weeks.  The in-office whitening can be accomplished in one hour.  We recommend doing both tray wearing and in-office whitening together.

4. How long can you maintain your whiteness.

If you maintain your teeth by avoiding excessive coffee, tea, and red wine, the whiteness can be maintain for 1-2 years.  If you can do a DIY monthly whitening maintenance, you can keep your whiteness indefinitely.

5. Does whitening affect my fillings?

Whitening does not change color of your filings, crowns, and bridges.  So they may appear darker after the whitening is completed.  You can decide if you like to change your restorations to match the color of your whitened teeth.

6. How much whitening can I achieve?

It all depends on how dark your teeth were, your age, and your drinking habit.  Some people will require multiple whitening session to bring the whiteness to satisfactory result.  Therefore whitening result are never a gurantee, we can only promise that your teeth will be significantly whiter than before.

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