Dental Implants


 Are you missing some teeth? Are your dentures so loose that you don’t like to smile? Do you want the most natural tooth to restore your smile? If so, and if you’re looking for a San Gabriel dentist for help, keep reading.

The conventional way to restore missing teeth is to do a dental bridge. While it can be a good option, there is one problem with them – a bridge requires adjacent teeth around missing space to be drilled down for crowns. If those teeth are never drilled before.. not good.

The Dental Implant, however, offers several good reasons!

Implants can’t get cavities;
No need to drill on adjacent teeth;
They usually last many many years;
They can hold dentures very tightly;
They can look and feel liked natural teeth!

If you wear denture, you know how it flops around and can be uncomfortable at times. If you are tired of putting gooey glue on the dentures, implants can help hold the dentures in place, while protect your gum from shrinking.
Eating will be a lot better.

Are Dental Implants Expensive?
Yes, but they last much longer than any other way to replace teeth; so it is cheaper than a dental bridge over time.